Walking in Your Destiny

For too long, we have lived with religious thinking and religious mindsets; thoughts telling us we have to work to earn God’s love. It’s these same thought patterns that make us feel like we must strive to fulfill God’s Word in our lives. Let me tell you, God absolutely has something good planned for you! He has a destiny and a plan for you!

So, how do we walk in this destiny? How do we see God’s purposes fulfilled in our lives? How do we step into the good God has for us; the healing, the promotion, the restoration, the soundness of mind? It certainly doesn’t come because we’re good enough or just try hard enough. It’ll work in your life the same way it worked in Jesus’ life. Your destiny is in the DNA of your identity! If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to make your Christian life work, or trying to make a change in your life, then this message is for you!


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If You Knew the Gift of God…

Every year during the Christmas season, our thoughts naturally turn towards giving and receiving. We spend time and effort working to figure out just what gift we are going to give to our loved ones. We cruise the malls, flip through catalogs, and even click through stores online – all in the hope of finding the right gift.

Do you remember what it was like when you were just a kid? We all hoped to find a great big box underneath the tree with our name on it. You’d toss and turn through the long night just waiting for the opportunity to see what was behind the shiny, decorated paper. There is nothing in childhood like the anticipation of Christmas morning.

But, if you have your own children, you know how much more special it is to give the gift. As great as it is as kids to tear open brightly colored boxes, it’s even better seeing your children excited at the idea of your gift.

Well, today, I want you to know that if you were to walk into your Heavenly Father’s house and were to look under His tree, you’d find that He has a great big box with your name on it. God has gifts for you that He wants you to receive. He wants you to be in eager anticipation of receiving just like when you were a kid refusing to go to bed on Christmas Eve. He has good gifts and He wants you to have them more than you want them yourself.


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Access the Miraculous

God is still performing miracles… and the miraculous is available today!

Gregory Dickow will show you how to go to God and receive you miracle; not by what you’ve done, not by how much you believe, but simply by realizing God’s miraculous power comes from His great love for you. You’ll be inspired to believe for more than ever before as you discover how to access the miraculous.


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