Finding Lost Things

Recently the Lord spoke to me in a very powerful way. He said, ‘Tell My people, I specialize in finding lost things’. We’ve all lost something — lost finances, investments, jobs, opportunities, relationships, perhaps our health or simply peace of mind.

Frustration, discouragement, doubt, anger and confusion are some of the emotions you feel when you lose something that’s precious and of value to you. But I believe this message will bring you hope and cause you to be expectant because whatever you have lost… GET READY! It is about to be found and returned to you! I will show you how to see everything lost in your life, found; everything stolen from your life, returned; anything damaged in your life, restored.

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Living Stress Free

There is an unseen force that affects millions of Americans. It is a silent thief that has been stealing your joy, your health, and even your finances. What is this silent thief? It’s stress. Everywhere you look stress is affecting relationships, our well-being, and our work. We’ve seen stress even begin to affect children at an increasingly earlier age. This should not be. It’s not God’s desire for us to live consumed with care. You can find all manner of books and resources that claim to help you deal with stress, but I believe the Bible has the answers. In fact, today I want to teach you how to have a stress-free life and how to experience a stress-free life every day.

Right now, you need to make your mind up that it is NOT God’s desire for you to live burdened down under the pressure of stress. The abundant life and the stress-filled life do not go hand in hand. This message could be the answer to your prayer! The problems you’ve been seeking God about – that marriage you want restored, that healing in your body, that promotion or new job you’ve been after – they could all be caused by the amount of stress in you and your family’s lives. It’s time for you to destroy stress and its effects in your life. And the only way to do that is through the Word of God.
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