Reclaim Your Power!

Do you ever just want to throw in the towel and give up? Sometimes, it seems so much easier to just quit. But, that is usually right at the time your breakthrough is right around the corner! We must press on knowing that it is because of His victory you are now empowered to experience victory in every arena of life!

God’s Word for you today is, “declare no more fear.” The blood of the lamb goes before you and has already touched your future life, your future health, and your future job. This blood is just as fresh today as it was when Jesus died on the cross! The Lord has perfect power for your powerlessness. He sees the end from the beginning. He has perfect knowledge of ALL things. And His promise to uphold you and care for you is eternal!

When you are in your toughest moment, God says, “I know, I know what you are feeling.” Satan has limited sight but God is all knowing and all-powerful. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.“ We must fix our eyes on Jesus. Jesus shares His power with YOU. He already knows everything you will go through and He will be there with you every step of the way. He will cause you to overcome and experience victory each and every day!

God wants you to know that not ONE of your prayers has gone unnoticed or unheard. God has collected ALL of your prayers. And for the ones that have not come to pass yet, God will pour the answer to your prayer out!! He knows the perfect second that your prayers need to be answered. Rest assured that when the answer comes, the manifestation of answered prayer comes, and then along with it comes your VICTORY!

You are already a winner. You ALREADY have the victory!! You were never meant to be defeated! You were meant to walk in victory! The Bible says that NO weapon formed against you shall prevail.

Reclaim the power and authority that is yours as a child of God. I want to show you how to put your authority in action!! Learn more about the power in the blood. It will change your life forever!! It still heals, it still delivers, and it is just as real now as it was over 2,000 year ago.

Reclaim the Power God Has for You! Click Here!


Reclaim the Power God Has for You! Click Here!


You Can Change

Do you need something to change in your life? Maybe in your finances, your family, your emotions or your health? Well it’s easier than you think and easier than what most people will tell you.

Yet how often do we feel that changing our lives is a difficult and almost insurmountable challenge? We tell ourselves: “It’s too hard. I’m too old. It’s too late. I don’t have the background or resources, the right education or experience.”

But the truth is: the power to change doesn’t come from anything on the outside. The only pathway to true transformation is from the inside out.

Every day we make the choice to accept whatever thoughts come to our mind, or to fill our mind with God’s thoughts through His Word. Proverbs 23:7 says, as a man thinks, so is he. Therefore what we fill our mind with shapes our entire life.

Real change begins by simply filling your mind with God’s Word. Then it is the power of God’s Word that transforms you from the inside out. Romans 12:2 says “…BE TRANSFORMED…” This is not something that happens BY you. It is something that happens TO you. As you renew your mind to God’s Word, your life begins to supernaturally change. Before you know it, you begin to think differently, see yourself different and treat others different. Before you know it, success and prosperity begin to cling to you, simply because of the way you think.

You might ask, “How long is all this going to take?” Not long. Remember, though it took the children of Israel forty years to get from the wilderness to the Promised Land, it was only meant to be an eleven-day journey! Are you ready to turn your “forty-year” delay into an eleven-day journey?

If you are, I urge you to start right away with this resource: “Winning The Battle of The Mind.” It is one of our most highly requested CD series. It will give you step-by-step instructions on how to change your thinking to experience the breakthroughs and victory you are believing for in every area of your life. It really is easier than you think!

Discover the Power that Lies in You! Click Here!


Discover the Power that Lies in You! Click Here!


Your Destiny Awaits You

God knows everything you’ve been through; the things that have been done to you, the temptation you’re facing— but none of that can stop God’s ultimate purpose for your life! Your dream is never as big as God’s dream for you—He wants to do exceeding, abundantly above and beyond all you could ask or imagine! Satan tries to stop God’s plan for our lives and steal the destiny of a generation through abuse and spreading disease and brokenness of the soul. But God has a plan to turn all things for your good and to ensure you fulfill your destiny!

The greatest example of someone who fulfilled God’s destiny for their life is Jesus! We see in Luke 4:18, that the first thing the Spirit of God empowered Jesus to do was to preach the gospel—He came to seek and save the lost! Everyone needs the Savior. But the second thing Jesus came to do was: heal the brokenhearted. Once someone gets saved, the first thing on Jesus’ agenda is to heal their damaged soul!

If we’re going to fulfill God’s destiny for our lives, we need to be healed and made whole. Go to God with any damaged or broken pieces in your life and say, “Heal me Lord, and I will be healed. Here’s my abused childhood, or the mistakes of my adulthood. I can’t heal or fix this. Only you can.”

In Jeremiah 18:3 we see, “It PLEASED the Lord to take the marred clay, put it back on the wheel and make it whole again.” Once you invite God to heal you and make you whole—you are ready to walk out and fulfill the God given calling that you’ve been created for—and become a beacon of light and healing to others. As you’ve freely received, now freely give.

See What God Has in Store for You! Click Here!


See What God Has in Store for You! Click Here!