Lucy “Thank God for these revelations and your obedience to share such a powerful tool! It has changed my life in my marriage, my work place, and everywhere I go. I hardly think negative anymore.” - Lucy
Terry “Our ministry works with marriages and individuals in crises, and your Fast from Wrong Thinking has been a great tool that God has used to help bring His Truth and His Spiritual Healing to our clients. It is amazing.” - Terry
Lucy “I've never had anybody take every negative thought and contradict it with scripture like this. It has helped me so much in this time. I get up early sometimes just to get the daily bread of this teaching.” - Angelina

Message From Gregory Dickow

A few years ago, I was frustrated seeing so many people desiring change in their lives, but never seeing the results they hope for. Out of this frustration, I believe God spoke to me and said, “call people to fast from wrong thinking.” In that moment, this movement was born and has literally impacted hundreds of thousands of people around the world! It’s a "fast," not from food, but from something that is even more harmful when not kept in check...wrong mindsets and specific thoughts that limit and defeat us.

Experts say it takes 6 weeks to break old habits and form new ones that last. I want to help you discover and obliterate thoughts holding you back from the life God intended for you - a life beyond your wildest dreams.

It's my ALL NEW and revolutionary 40-day Fast From Wrong Thinking campaign for 2016. And it will change your life forever. The fast starts on Feb. 17th and, for those who start on that day, the fast will end on Easter Sunday, March 27th. Then, on Easter, I want to invite you to join me live at 11:30am EST/10:30am CST to celebrate communion and declare your complete victory.

And hey, gang – for those of you that don't want to start on the 17th, you can join the fast at ANY TIME and still experience personal transformation. Remember, God’s not mad at you, He’s mad about you! JOIN NOW to see positive change!

The enemy’s goal is to harm you through poisonous thinking, but my goal is to heal you through positive thinking! YOUR MIND MATTERS! Let me flood your thoughts with the goodness and faithfulness of God! This 40-day fast is not from food but from harmful thinking that leads you down a dangerous road.

Let’s discover the right path our thoughts should take, every day, TODAY! When you sign up, I will send you a daily email for the next 40 days, addressing lies that hold you down and keep you from God’s immeasurable plan and replace them with biblical truths. Join this revolution and ENHANCE the POWER of POSITIVE THINKING with my Fast From Wrong Thinking collection, below!
Keep the Revolution Alive by Learning How to Declare the Promises of God Over Your Finances, Relationships, and Fear, Today!