Breaking the Curse of Shame

Breaking the Curse of Shame

Shame is keeping us defeated, keeping us from answered prayer, keeping us from boldly fulfilling the destiny that God has created us. Shame is a dream thief. It limits us and keeps us living mediocre lives — living lives where it is the status quo and believing things are not going to get better. Shame is Satan’s secret weapon against most people, especially Christians. The devil tries to rob you of your destiny and he tries to rob you of your potential by oppressing you with shame.

Satan used shame to lead Eve to sin in the Garden of Eden. If Eve would have known she was already made in the image of God, she wouldn’t have sinned by eating of the tree. You see, Satan had shamed her in thinking she was inferior when in fact she was perfectly made in God’s image. Shame distorts the truth and makes you see things about yourself incorrectly. Shame tells you something is wrong with you, that somehow you are defective as a person, that you are irreparably damaged and if anyone really knew what you were like, they would reject you.

Let me declare to you that you are redeemed from shame and the curse of being a slave to unworthiness! (I John 4:4) God wants to crush that spirit of shame that is keeping you down and holding you back! You are a son or daughter of God deserving of all that Jesus died and paid for.

God has freed you from the influence and power of shame in your life and He has lifted you up to be seated with Jesus in heavenly places. (Ephesians 2:6) Because of Jesus, you are no longer UNDER the power of sin, the power of condemnation, and the power of shame! You have been seated ABOVE — no longer a prisoner to any of them!

You don’t have to live with the feeling of shame any longer. The moment you were born again you were made righteous and given a new identity, a new LIFE! (2 Corinthians 5:17) A life free from shame! To learn more about how to experience this shame-free life, click to get the life-changing resources below.


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