Access the Miraculous

God is still performing miracles… and the miraculous is available today!

Gregory Dickow will show you how to go to God and receive you miracle; not by what you’ve done, not by how much you believe, but simply by realizing God’s miraculous power comes from His great love for you. You’ll be inspired to believe for more than ever before as you discover how to access the miraculous.


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Speak the Blessing

In Numbers 6:23, Moses is instructing Aaron and the priests how they are to bless God’s people.  It says, “This is the way you shall bless the children of Israel. Say to them.”  God didn’t keep it a secret.  He didn’t say, “I have a blessing for you, but I’m not gonna tell you how to receive it!”  Not at all.  God says, “Here are the instructions!  This is the way you shall bless!”  And how did God say to do it?  He said to release the blessing by saying to them.  We need to speak out the blessing over our lives, over our marriages and families, over our finances.  All of us have some area we need in our life that needs fixing.  We all have mountains in our lives.  If you want to know how to fix your situation, then you’ve got to start by declaring the spoken blessing over it!

The Blessing is a force that releases the power you need to turn around any situation in your life!  When you open your mouth and declare the blessing over your kids, over your health, or over any area of your life, you are releasing life and peace.  You are bringing light into the darkest of situations and the Blessing will destroy and remove that mountain that you have struggled against for so long.

It is time for you to experience the power of God – the favor of God – the good will of God working for you to make things go your way!


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Letting Go Through Forgiveness

In Matthew 6:12, when Jesus was teaching his disciples what we call “The Lord’s Prayer”, He said, “Forgive us as we forgive others.”  He put such emphasis on this idea that two verses later He mentions it again.  It was as if He started to walk away but turned around and said, “Listen to what I’m telling you!  If you forgive others, your Heavenly Father will forgive you.  But if you don’t forgive, you won’t be forgiven.”  Think about this – It’s the only part of the prayer he repeated!

It will be the thing you think about over and over and you will lose your peace and cease to function because you are so tied up in knots.

But here’s the key – when somebody has hurt you, don’t curse it, don’t nurse it, and don’t rehearse it.  Instead, disperse it and God will reverse it!  That means don’t complain about it, don’t think about it over and over and don’t constantly talk about how hurt you are to other people.  Instead, disperse it.  Give it to God and He will turn the situation around for your good.

Remember, you’ve been forgiven.  Walk in that forgiveness and you’ll be free.  Nobody will be able to rob you of that freedom! When you’re hurt or offended, give it to God and let Him deal with it, and He will.  That’s what brings the miraculous turnaround that you’ve been looking for in your life; your turnaround financially, your turnaround emotionally, your turnaround spiritually, your turnaround in your relationships and in your health. It all begins with forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the gateway to your miracle.


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