Destroying the Works of the Devil

In John 10:10, Jesus identifies the devil as a thief – a thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. And every one of us has experienced loss because of this thief. You may have lost a job, lost your home, or lost a loved one who has gone away from God. Maybe you’ve lost your purpose or meaning for life. Some of you have lost your health. Listen, the devil wants you to live under the curse of sickness and poverty and emotional distress and family problems. He wants you to be in darkness. He wants to discourage you. He wants to defeat you. He wants you to stay immobilized, paralyzed in your situation.

You don’t have to stay that way any longer! It’s time for you to stop letting that old devil beat you up and it’s for you to fight back! Jesus didn’t come as a passive philosopher… He came to DESTROY ALL the WORKS of the devil; sin, sickness, oppression, poverty – all these and so much more! You don’t have to live under the curse one day longer!


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  • Bonnie Daugherty

    I know that Paster Dickow has really good information for a Christian
    fasting. I would like to see if I could get information, for health, and spiritual growth.
    Thank you, and God Bless your ministry.

    Bonnie Daugherty

  • You should come here to Washington, DC and bring the Holy Spirit with you.

  • Yorka

    thanks to give this opportunity for me is a little difficult for my lenguaje I speak Spanish and I’m not to fluent in English, but God helpme to understand.Ill be more that happy to find what I lost and ,is what God whant me to do ,

  • Yorka


  • Sandra

    I know Jesus said He’d ever leave me – then why am I so lonely? I pray on my knees for God to bring me a Godly man – His word says “ask and you will receive” – I am still alone. I know God can but will He???

  • Dolores Butler

    This is good but, why would the devil cause illnesses in myself, my family and discord where we are fighting and have no direction when we pray all the time and ask for help and healing and there is no answer. Then my sister is close to God and has no trials at this point in her life. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong.

  • Joy

    I have been feeling so down and out lately . I have forgotten what Jesus did with the devil for me .
    Thank you for this reminder. I am about to rise up I the name of Jesus and take my rightful place on this earth .
    This year I have to show the enemy that my Redeemer lives.

  • Rinay hobson

    Need prayer for my family and my finances. This message is timely and acted as an encouragement

  • Kathleen Wells

    I really enjoyed this sermon. About 15 years ago, I fell into the spell of satan and lost everything, including my beloved family. My ex-husband never liked my friends, so I dropped them years ago. These years alone have been very hard on my health, finances and everything, but I never lost my faith. It has sustained me. God knows I’m remorseful about the wrong things I did and he keeps me going. One nice thing that happened is I moved and regained many of my old friends I had lost contact with. It is so nice to have their friendship back and know they still care about me and I still love them as I did back when I was young. Again, thank you for this sermon.

  • Sarah Price

    Just saying “thank you” for reminding me.

  • Judy Cole

    You right, “We got the power!” Praise the Lord! Thank you for the good news…blessed are the feet of those who bring good news…saint of God your feet are blessed along with anyone else that is sharing God’s word TODAY. God bless you and your loved ones with a long and healthy life.

  • megan p

    Please pray for me i have been suffering so much lately – from depression, anger, hate , stress and financially. I just want to rise above it all and come out victorious. I pray against these spirits and i want to be freed and i want to be happy. Please guys keep me in your prayers