Freedom from Anger

Break free from the cycles of negative emotions and discover absolute freedom from anger!

Emotions have gotten the better of every one of us. But it’s time to take control today.  You don’t have to be like a roller coaster, going up and down and back and forth.  You don’t have to live like that anymore when you understand the simple steps to mastering your emotions.  All the problems in life can change, when we take control of our emotions and overcome the pull of anger.

In this message, Gregory Dickow tells you how to stop the destructive work of anger in your life – the harm to your health, the robbing of your peace of mind, the damage done to relationships! You CAN experience victory over all negative emotions and receive God’s healing touch!

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  • Hector L Gonzalez

    Dear Pastor Dickow, Thank You, for your message.The Lord used you to hit the nail right on the head.May the Lord continue the down pour of blessings upon Your ministry.Please pray for me.I have experienced drifting from the Lord because of the many unpleasant events that have taken place in my life.I ask for forgiveness for my anger.Only I am responsible!Many events that have come about in my life as of late have affected in adverse ways.Life,Financial,health,family,I am hanging on as best as I can.Thank you in anticipation for your prayers,Blessings! Hector ….

    • Rose

      Dear Hector,

      thank you for your encouraging and kind words. We are very happy to hear how the ministry has blessed you!
      Thank you also for posting your prayer request for restoration. We are declaring the word of God over your life and believing for breakthrough to manifest on your behalf. May God bless you and keep you and may you sense His peace, presence and love in a new and mighty way!

      ~Social Ministry Team

  • Shelly Edwards

    please send me the letter on freedom from anger into the Kindness of GOD

  • Regina Starker

    Pastor Dickow, Thank you for the message about the freedom from anger, because i was starting to get so angery with myself about returning back to school after 31 years, I wasn’t doing well in math and I started beating myself up about it. But, I know GOD has the last say so over my life, could you Pray for me for the strength to make it these next two years,going for (RN)

    • Rose

      Hello Regina,

      thank you for sharing that comment with us and for posting your prayer request. We stand with you in agreement and pray for God to bless you with strength and peace. God bless you!

      ~Social Ministry Team

  • Cindy

    Please pray that God supernaturally get this message to our daughter. She is angry at God; she is angry at life. I know the devil is involved in this big time. I am afraid I might overwhelm her and yet I am afraid to not overwhelm her. God is showing her in mighty ways that He wants her to run to Him. I just pray, hope and have to believe that it is not too late. “God, please help me to be bold. You are the one who sets us free from anger and replaces it with peace … Amen”

    • Rose

      Hello Cindy,

      Thank you for posting your prayer request for your daughter. We are standing with you in agreement and believing for God’s miracle working power to manifest, for peace and forgiveness and healing to flow in Jesus name! He is able!
      ~Social Ministry Team

      • At our Invite Sunday, the Redemption Riders showed our chlrdien that they can live out God’s plan for them AND enjoy their own passions that they can work together. The chlrdien experienced God’s love through the RR! They were fantastic! I know we’ll definitely ask them to join us again! God bless you !

  • Please pray for lana and chris outlaw. I try to focus on the positive every day. If you get angry, the enemie wins. Do not let it get you, over come it by gods love and amazing grace. Bind the enemy up!! We do not have time to be angry–Think positive–Stay away from negativity–Conceive it–Believe it and achieve it !

    We need your prayers, for Chris Outlaw to be free from his situation,
    so lana and chris can continue doing kingdom work.
    Thank you

    Lana Pierce
    Chris Outlaw

    • Rose

      Dear Lana,

      Thank you for posting your prayer request for you and Chris Outlaw. We are declaring the word of God over your life and believing for breakthrough to manifest on your behalf. May God bless you and keep you and give you peace!

      ~Social Ministry Team