Happiness Is Within Your Reach

Do You Know That Happiness Is Within Your Reach!

Did you know that your happiness can be stolen? The Bible says so in Mark 4:15. The thief comes to steal the Word. He doesn’t come to steal the church — he doesn’t come to steal the preacher — he doesn’t come to steal the coffee! He comes to steal the Word, because God’s Word is the source of joy! The Word is the source of all peace. The Word is the source of all happiness. And so when we try to substitute our happiness with something other than God’s Word, we’re going to remain miserable, or we’re going to become miserable. Jesus said in John 15:11, “These things I have spoken to you that you would have My joy.” God’s Word carries God’s JOY! As you hear God’s word, you’re going to experience joy. As you listen to God’s Word, you’re going to experience joy. And God wants you to have the Fullness of His joy.

When you look at your life, do you think you are a victim of how your boss treated you, or how your wife treated you, or how your husband treated you, or your ex-husband, or how your parents treated you? If you define yourself by what other people have done to you, then you will remain a victim, and if you remain a victim, you will remain unhappy. But the moment that you break out of that victim mentality you will begin to recognize God’s joy again!

Are you facing something that seems too difficult to change? Does it seem like you’re at the end of your rope — like you’re not going to make it? Or perhaps you’ve been believing for something … but it just seems like it isn’t going to happen. No matter how difficult your challenges or impossible your circumstances appear your Heavenly Father will answer you and do the impossible. He will deliver that loved one you have been praying for. He will restore that relationship that has been broken for so long. He will heal that chronic pain that seems like it won’t get better. God will bring back your Joy!

He said in John 16:24, “Ask and you shall receive, and your joy will be made full.”

Do you know why we’ve been so miserable? We’ve been depending on ourselves. Do you know why the world is so miserable? They depend on themselves. But when you depend on God, joy comes! I’m depending on God to meet my needs. Are you? Do you have any needs that you don’t know how you’re going to meet them? Trust God. Ask God. And thank God.

  • Whatever needs you have in your life, trust God.
  • Whatever needs you have in your life, ask God.
  • Whatever needs you have in your life, thank God.

And there is a river of joy that is going to flood your heart and flood your life. You are going to be happier than you’ve ever been before, because your dependence is upon God. It’s a miserable feeling to depend upon yourself when you know you can’t do it alone. You can’t heal yourself. You can’t fix yourself. You can’t do a miracle upon yourself. It’s miserable, but when you realize your limitations, and start trusting God to meet the needs that you can’t meet, to heal this pain that you can’t heal, to fix this brokenness that you can’t repair, and to fill the emptiness that you can’t possibly fill, then…

There’s a river, a river of joy and a river of happiness that is going to begin in your life!

  • It will fill your life with happiness
  • It will fill your family with happiness
  • It will fill your home with happiness
  • it will fill your marriage with happiness


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  • noeline

    yes we have to believe in god and he will see us true our difficulties and our needs without him we are no where

  • Oralean Williams

    Im praying for the windows of heaven to open I sow and pay bills with whats left I have a contract for a new house a business several things in which ive stepped out on faith according to John 14:14 anything you ask in jesus name so now the money is needed yesterday and I have faith and know that in Titus it says God is not a man that he should lie nor the son of man to not docjust what he say the promises of Abraham I say Lord ill go send me ill do what you want me to do speak to me lord I know you have done everything I could ask so lord point me in the right direction a check in the mail someone hand me money the lottery im not choicey just in need manifestation in Jesus

  • James G

    I need help and prayer with my Marriage. I’m so lost and struggling with this now for 2 years.

  • Dana Jackson

    Thank you

  • Jerry Barrow

    Timely message. Just asked the Lord many of the same questions before I sat down to read your email. This message spoke volumes to me and answered my questions. His word is so true “Before you call I will answer”.

  • Carol Haney

    Hello Reverend Dickow! I recently liked you on facebook and am very thankful I did. Now, each day, sometimes several times a day, I receive your uplifting devotionals. I have been “going through” an ordeal for over a year from a work related injury. This has stolen my happiness. Literally. My little girl told me she wants to make me laugh again. Made me cry. We are Christians, who attend church regularly. Our Daughter is an amazing little girl for her 8 years. She loves God and is thankful we have the ten commandments displayed in our home. I haven’t been trusting God the way I should. I try, really, I do. I have broken bones in my back that are healing improperly because I don’t have insurance and the workers comp insurance in my state doesn’t have to take care of me. I have been in the “victim” mentally state for a long time. Thank you for your ministry. My brother-n-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just last week. I say every single day that God has brought me this far…. I know that Gods plans for me are not to be in pain each day and unhappy. You are such a great testimony to me. Thank you so much. God Bless you. Carol Haney

  • Michel

    Thank you Pastor Gregory, I quite agree with you about the necessity of being dependant of Jesus. So for that I offer my body, my soul to Jesus each day so that He may live His life of resurrection in me . But what else can I do? I would like so much just live in order that Jesus may really live in me for me and for others through me. I would appreciate so much you might give me some details on the way to be completely dependant of Jesus.Thank you very much in advance for your precious help. God bless you, your family and your ministry

  • Evangeline

    Love this website, it sure is a blessing.

  • iam thankful to God for your teaching revelations. God bless you and keep
    you and your family ministry church safe till his return, amen.