Pure Grace: Your Struggle is Over

Pure Grace


I’m on a mission to teach you about God’s relentless love and how it can change everything in your life. Romans 2:4 says it’s the love of God and the goodness of God, that leads us to repentance or brings us to change. We don’t have to change ourselves — it’s God’s grace and love that changes us.

Many people think it’s the other way around. They think that if they change, then God will be good to them or God will love them. But God shows you his goodness regardless of our behavior, and that’s what empowers us to change. That’s the real grace of God and that’s what I want to talk about today.

I’ve spent years in the Scriptures to try to really understand what God has to say about grace and God’s love and His amazing gift for us that we can’t earn no matter how hard we try. This is what I’ve found — God’s love is so great for you that nothing you can do can cause Him to pull away or turn His back on you — absolutely nothing!

Paul says in Romans 12:3 “I’m speaking to you out of deep gratitude for all that God has given me and especially as I have responsibility in relation to you.” He says, “Living then as every one of you does in pure grace.”

How do we live in God’s pure grace — His unmerited love and favor — His power, His strength in the midst of our weakness? His mercy, in the midst of our failure? His ability, in the midst of our lack of ability or our disability?

Most of us are worn out as Christians. We can be discouraged by our Christian walk because we haven’t understood pure grace. We’ve understood a mixture of grace and law – a mixture of God’s power versus our power. We’ve tried to do things in our own power rather than realizing God wants to give us all the power we need to live this Christian life that He created us to live. That’s pure grace.

Romans 12:3 says, “It’s important that you do not misinterpret yourselves as people who are bringing this goodness to God, NO! He says “God brings it all to you.”

He goes on to say, “The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what God is and what He does for us not what we are and what we do for Him.”

Now pure grace is to understand who He is and what He has done for us. Pure grace will always bring strength, comfort, and encouragement. It’ll always bring rest. It’ll always bring favor. It’ll always bring ability. It’ll always bring answers because the Christian life is not built upon the promises that we make to God. As the Scripture says, the Christian life is built upon the promises that God makes to us.

Christianity is an encounter with a force so great that it heals you everywhere you’re hurting. It fills you everywhere you’re empty; changes you everywhere you’re broken; restores you everywhere you’re sick. My God, His love, His mercy, His goodness and His grace will come in and fill your life! And when your life is filled, you have something to give and then you have something to tell someone.

Why do we think we have to earn it, deserve it; be so holy and godly before God will hear me?

God hears the cry of the weak. He hears the cry of the suffering. He hears the cry of the hurting. He hears the cry of the humble: “God, I messed up; I’m depressed. I can hardly get out of bed. I could hardly smile. I can hardly do anything for anyone including myself, God.” And what does God say? “It’s alright, I’ll meet you there. I’ll touch you there. Arise and eat.”

Aren’t you glad that when you run from God, and even when you ignore God’s touch, He touches you again? When you turn from God, He turns to you. When you run away, He runs after you. When you let Him down, He pulls you up. When you fail Him, He will never fail you. I’m so glad God doesn’t give up on me. I’m so glad He’s the God of second chances, aren’t you?

1 Kings 19:7 says “And the angel of Jehovah came again the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat, because the journey is too great for thee.”

During the first touch, Elijah saw his own need and just ate & drank and went back to sleep. But God is telling Elijah this second time, to eat and drink and start moving, because I’ve got a greater journey ahead for you. My purpose for you is greater than anything that you could ever come up with yourself. My vision for your life is even greater. My next chapter for your life is greater than the last chapter. Get ready something amazing is about to happen in your life.

In your lowest moment, God is ready to fulfill His highest dream. We think “we have to be so high; we have to be so holy. We have to be on the top; we have to be on the top of the steps like Rocky.” But God says, at the bottom of the hill, in the valley of your discouragement, there I will touch you. And there I will feed you. There I will make you ready for the greater journey.

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  • Tony Clark

    I NEEDED this word @ this very moment! I have fallen down, backsliding & I am hurting in every way, physically, financially, emotionally, you name it. My car is shot and I have made a serious mess of things? Please pray with me! And may God RICHLY BLESS YOU and your Ministry!!

  • Pamela Brock

    Thank you this is what I was in need of. I work Part time and looking for a full time job. My husband has been sick and not working and I have to carry this load and it’s been so heavy. I know His grace is sufficient for me. His grace helps me in times of trouble. Thank you and may bless you for your faithfulness.
    Love and prayers
    Pamela Brock

  • rosy

    Im christian lady and always praying and believing in gods favor its very good masage from pastor Dickow and i love him but i need to know why im beleiver and pray always why bad things happening in my life. I need help my house stolen im praying and waiting since 4 years in courts and waiting my mate i love him he left me alone i love him and want him with me nice. I need to know why bad things happens to good people thank you.

  • Sharon

    Thanks for the good word today.
    What if one is un married and living in sin and knows that it is wrong but is unwilling to trust God as provider of all things?
    Is God’s favor going to be over a christian who is knowingly disobeying God and who does not have a humble heart?

  • Linda

    Thank you for those words is what I needed.

  • Rosa Hardy

    Pastor Dickow,

    I’m always amazed how your devotionals speak to the existence of situations and circumstances in my life. I believe to the core of my being that God has more for me and always wants the best for me. Lately I’ve been down and broken as I lay it all at Gods feet. I work but bills out do my incoming as I continue to take care of an 11 yr old granddaughter. I pray that God will heal her mom of alcohol addiction and other ills if society. As my rent is behind for May and June, I reside in a house that appeared maintained from the outward appearance. The inside have revealed a lot of issues from termites, water bugs, ants,rats. This is. 2014 and I fell for what the outward appearance revealed. However as my granddaughter and I are a year and a half into the lease, my landlords have been unrealistic. No I can’t afford to move this very second, but praying and believing God for a supernatural Blessing! I’ve asked for forgiveness on what I didn’t do but had to make sure my granddaughter had a safe haven during her time out from school. Summer camp cost! Credit has a few issues that I’m working on so I can lease with an option so we will never have anyone telling us to “get out” !

    Thank you for your daily encouragement to me!

  • Lisa Lamer

    I read this article & cried. Exactly what I needed to hear from God. I prayed & thanked God for his grace& mercy& unconditional love. And I’m thanking God for using you to teach me. God bless you& your ministry. And I’m also asking God for more Christian friends who’ll point me towards God& His grace.–Lisa

  • Carl L. Cramer Jr.

    That was right on time, Gregory. Its about 12:52 am is when I am reading this story about grace. I have been in chronic pain for over ten years now and pray all the time for GOD’S mercy and grace. The drugs don’t seem to help much anymore so I am in pain all day and all night. I have prayed for GOD’S mercy and grace and a second chance for so long. I see him blessing our children and my wife, I just can’t seem to get the healing miracle that I need after all this time. I just don’t know what to do anymore, confused me

  • Carl L. Cramer Jr.

    Thanks Gregory that was just what I needed to hear about grace, because after being in chronic pain 24/7 for over ten years I could use GOD’S mercy and grace.

  • Maggie Hamilton

    I am not able to receive Pastor’s message. It says “an error has occurred try back later”. I have tried many times! Blessings To U 🙂

    • Gregory Dickow

      It has been fixed – sorry!

  • Elvalyn

    Touched by this message. Thank you Lord for your continued encouragement though Gregory’s ministry. Thank you Lord for your grace, care, and love over my household family members. Thank you Father God for embracing us with your love and presence throughout all those years of brutal sibling attacks. Thank you for answering our prayers on bended knee to keep them away from us. Family is suppose to be there for one another, the way God intended it to be. However, in our case it never was. A mother who intentionally turned her children against one another with daily lies, cruelty and deceit, is a mother who will not love her children into heaven. She was on a mission to rip her family and the lives of her own children apart for the sake and greed of money. She, along with other siblings, all unemployed that functioned like her, created lies, took us to court with intentions to sue us for lots of money. These family members have always succeeded in winning law suits by suing businesses for slip and fall accidents at stores,(all lies), and many other types of lies, etc..etc.. They make a dishonest living, by suing, based off lies. They have become professional career court criminals. When they sued us, they never succeeded, but the cost of attorney fees to defend us financially broke us. They did not incur attorney fees, because she and the other siblings represented themselves. The lies where so horrendous that we were being investigated and constantly being hounded by police investigators. In the end they lost in court, and the court ordered her and the siblings to repay us back all the attorney fees that they cost us to incur. They ignored the court order and were now in contempt, so the judge attached a 10% interest to be accrued to the unpaid balance, and encouraged us to place liens on their properties. That was back in 2011, and to date they have never paid us back as the court had ordered them to do so. We have not hunted them down, nor chased after them to try and recover over $22,000.00 in attorney fees that they cost us to incur. We have relied on getting through this financial ordeal with reaching out to the Lord. To open doors of employment opportunity, any business creativity, so that we with His grace (God’s help), can lift us out of this financial burden. Our son just graduated from high school. He was accepted into a 4 year christian university. Without a doubt, God was behind this blessing, granting our son’s acceptance into this christian based college. Our son received 3 grants, and 1 scholarship so far. The college is very expensive. We have to come up with about $6,000.00 by July 10th, to pay for the unpaid balance for his 1st semester. Our son will need transportation to drive himself to this college. He was able to knock off $8,000.00 from tuition by not living on campus. He will be commuting back and forth. We are struggling with trying to financially help our son purchased a used vehicle. I have been working as a substitute for a school district. I am only called in for work based off the needs of the school. I applied for a permanent job position with the school close to home, and I am praying for God’s favor over me for this job. If blessed with the job, I can then give my son my vehicle and walk to work, thus saving us money from having to buy another vehicle. Anyways, I just want to encourage everybody who is financially struggling, to really place their faith in Christ. Gregory, your message about God’s grace is right on. I know that we are not the only family that has been attacked by blood related relatives and siblings. I just want to end my testimony by telling you, that GOD TRULY DOES LOVE YOU, HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU! Trust him no matter what. I encourage you to stay in FAITH. No matter what the outcome is regarding this job, that I truly would love to have, I am going to still love my Lord. He is good, and will still open other doors of financial opportunities. The Lord will not fail me. I know this with all of my heart. Just keep hanging in there, your prayers and needs will be met as long as you remain in faith!