Restore, Recover and Reclaim

Restore, Recover & Reclaim

Have you suffered any type of loss lately?

Has the enemy stolen something from you that you want back?

Do you have a loved one that needs to be saved?

In Jesus’ name, that which was lost will be found, the stolen will be returned, and the unsaved will be restored!

Jesus said in Luke 19:10, “The Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost!” Save means to restore – recover – reclaim!

God recently reminded me of this promise and said: “Tell My people, I specialize in finding lost things!” And I knew I had to remind you of this powerful promise immediately!

Whatever you have lost  – get ready – it is about to be found and returned to you! God specializes in finding lost things.

In Luke 15, Jesus talked about three lost things:

(1) the lost sheep (2) the lost coin (3) the lost son

God told me you have been affected in one or more of these three ways:

  • The lost sheep represents losing your way. You may feel disappointed, discouraged, or without direction. You may have lost your sense of purpose and significance. God wants to totally restore you!
  • The lost coin represents loss in your finances. You may have lost your home, your business, your job, your investments, or an opportunity that slipped away. God wants to recover this for you!
  • The lost son represents lost family members or loved ones, those who are not saved or who have backslidden. God wants to reclaim them for you and for the kingdom!

I want to see these lost things returned to you!

Here is what I am going to do…

I will personally pray and petition our Heavenly Father to restore, recover, and reclaim whatever you have lost.

In Jesus name, everything that was lost will be restored, recovered, and reclaimed!

Here is what you must do:

  • If you have a lost loved one, send me their name today!
  • If you have lost finances, tell me the kind of loss that you need to have restored.
  • If you have lost your way or purpose, tell me the specific area of your life that needs God’s restoration touch.

It is urgent that you must respond right away. I want to cover your loved one and your situation in prayer immediately. The sooner you send me their name or picture and your specific need using our Prayer Wall to Reclaim What’s Been Lost, or by posting your needs to BLOG COMMENTS BELOW, the sooner I can bathe them in prayer, along with the prayer support of our Prayer Wall participants! I will be praying specifically for God to restore what was taken – and redeem what was lost.

God can find, redeem, and restore everything you have lost!

Jesus always requires an act of faith to release His miracle power. I invite you to sow a generous seed as a point of contact to release your faith.

Sowing seed will release the restoration harvest God has prepared for you!

As soon as I hear from you, I will stand in the gap and intercede in faith-filled prayer for your lost loved one, your lost finances, or whatever is missing in your life. But I cannot do it until you submit your prayer request on the Prayer Wall.

Please do it today!

I believe our prayer of agreement will move heaven to intervene in your situation! I urge you to respond today – sow your restoration seed. Your restoration miracle is on the way!

For more on this topic, request my in-depth teaching resources found here:

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  • christine gerling

    I need restoreation of money and jobs. I need a part time job working out of the house, that I will like and be good at and successful at and my husband need a promotion as he lost a lot of money with is last job, so I pray he gets a promotion with more pay. I also pray for health and restoration of health and mind, cure of my stomach issues and anxiety. all of us free and protected from flu, stomach flu, stomach virus, food poisoning for myself and my husband and my daughter and my mom. I pray for restoration baby, we lost a child and pray for another live healthy birth of a child, getting pregnant and being healthy through out my pregnancy and delivery and postpardum.

  • Joseph Bongiorno

    Lost one: Tony B
    Lost finances as I am deeper in debt with a mortgage, college loans and a single dad
    Lost my way, well I am in love with someone whom I want to marry but she has walls around her heart as she has been hurt in the past and doesn’t want to do the work in a relationship. Carla & I started off great but the last few years have been trying and in 2014 she left for someone else. After thanksgiving she has started calling me again and I pray this is the breakthrough I have been waiting and praying for and we can be a couple again and wed next year… In Jesus Name, Amen Thank you

  • Patsi

    Restore finances & business

  • Aliso Taylor

    Thank you. I am claiming 2015 as the year of restoration for me and my family. I lost my job 2.5 years ago and I have only worked part time since then. This has impacted my finances, credit and investments. I am asking God for supernatural restoration and multiplication. There is work to be done for the Kingdom and I am asking him to trust me with the finances to help bring it forth.

  • Keren

    Please pray for my husband Ofer who is jewish and i am born again and so are our three daughters.
    This year both my husband and my business went under
    It is December 2014 and we are not sure where the Lord wants us to live or move to ie country
    This prayer is definitely for us, my husband is lost, we have lost enormous finances and we are directionless. thank you for your prayers

  • Jennifer L. Gentile


  • Billie Dianne Myers

    After losing my husband to pancreatic cancer this year.
    I lost my confidence and motivation.
    I need wisdom,clarity,Answers on how to proceed with my life.
    We did everything together made all decisions together.Have felt
    totally without direction.
    My husband had three incomes and now I am on disabled widow benefits,
    which does not cover all my bills but i am unable to work because a fall
    resulted in loss of cartilage in my rt knee and also torn meniscus in left knee.
    My son has gone through depression after the loss of his father with whom
    he worked with and he has not been able to find work or the movtivation to get started.Also He has type 2 Diabetes and is struggling in his health.
    We need God to restore,redeem and find everything we have lost.
    My husband had a u-haul truck he used when he did crafts at one time and it
    was stolen from us.I believe to get it back.
    Also trying to sell some equipment and things to pay off debts.
    Pray God will give me strength to take care of the things around my home.
    My son is Zachary a precious gift from God.A big call on his life and the enemy
    has tried to discourage and deceive him for far too long

    • Shirley Wren

      My goal for 2015 is to complete my degree in Bachelor of Science in Human Services. I am working full time on a job that I been with for more than 20 years. I am also going to school part time. I need directions on how to move forward from a job that has good benefits even through the pay is not good. I would like to find a job working in human services because I feel it is not only a career change, but also a gift. I really like helping people and that is why I feel it is what I should be doing.

  • tammy

    I’m praying that god will restore the lost years of my youth when I was a young mother abused by a older man that god will restore all the money that I gave away to sin.that he will restore the relationship with my daughter and restore her from years wasted on drugs.that this year will be the best Jesus name I receive it amen

  • Sandra

    I have had a rough financial year and need to get back on my
    feet, tired of struggling to try and make ends meet and failing
    miserably at it. I need a miracle in my life the kind that only
    God can provide. Thanks for your prayers in Jesus name I
    Receive the Lord’s blessings of renewal and restoration in
    my life for 2015.

  • Agnes

    Please pray for my financial restoration. I lost my job and my previous employers and being difficult and not paying what is due to me. I pray for financial restoration through them paying me what is due. I am also praying for financial restoration through the start of a new business am working on. The Lord is able to replace what has been stolen from us and I trust He will replace and multiply what has been stolen ten fold. The financial situation has delayed my daughter going to college, so am trusting God to restore those finances. I also pray for my husbands salvation, he has backslidden and become cynical which is very discouraging. Only The Lord can touch his heart.

  • I would like prayer for my daughter Janice that she would stop smoking for her health and that she would seek a closer relationship with God/and let GOD be her top priorty in life/Also I like prayer for my neice Linda that she would seek salvation w/ the Lord of LIFE and eternity.Also would request prayer for myself that God would lead me in a way to be a blessing with who ever I come in contact with. Praise the Lord God of my salvation and bless your work tremendously in 2015 . I am blessed

  • I don’t have direction in my life and seem to be drifting like a small boat in the water without oars or an anchor. I am praying every day for the Lord to show me His will for my life. I am past retirement age, and I still have to work as a Realtor to support myself. Right now I’d love to have some people to work with. I live alone with my little dog and cat and so want to share my life with a sweet Christian husband. I feel so lonely and have much love to give. My son and I have had our relationship restored this Fall and I am so grateful for that. However, my relationship with my daughter is not close. I am living to please the Lord, and she is living to please the world. Please pray for me and my son and daughter Pastor. Thank you so much and God bless you and your family. If I were living in your city, I’d be sitting right on the front row of your church. You’ve been such a blessing to me, and this is an honor to have you pray for us.

  • Darlene

    Please pray for lost ones. A friend who has a troubled past is back in jail. I somehow believe God has put him there for a reason. Just before his arrest he talked about how God was showing him to take a new path. I know that God never changes things the way we think they should be changed – His ways are higher than ours…pray that Christ will lead Robert to a new way of life that is completely centered around Him.

  • Carrie

    Over the last three years I have fallen away from the church, disappointed in many ways and many reasons.. Faith and service has become a small part of my life,prayer almost none.. Though I still do things for others I feel spiritually bankrupt. Me and my sons use to attend church weekly and it was just what we did.. Now if I attempt they reject the idea and also they reject their faith and belief in God. They are teens now however it is almost impossible to get them back to going. My prayer request is as I begin to water my spiritual roots and focus this new year that I will be restored and my boys will follow, our lives be filled with purpose and love.

  • C Y Speck

    I have lost the sheep, coin and son…please, pray for restoration of all as He has always “moved mountains” because “it is written”…your words.

    Thanks for being here,Pastor Greg!

  • navie govender

    Hi there!

    My prayer request is that for my husband to reclaim, restore and recover his eye sight and had been blind for 4 years, its rather difficult to work.I claim it in the name of Jesus!

    Kind regards
    Navie. G

  • Please pray for my Son Stanley he had backslided but he is attending church again. He
    needs deliverance. He is also co-habiting and as a result there are three children. He also needs restoration of the £30,000 his brother stole from him.

    Please also pray for my son David who has backslided to recommit his life to Christ and my brother Hassell who is hurting, angry and unsaved.

    Please also pray for salvation and deliverance for my husband Ernest and salvation for my two grand daughters Sasha and Hannah. For myself deliverance from grief that I may hear what the Lord is saying to me personally and not have to rely on someone else. Restoration of my faith and my promotion in Christ and all monies and the home lost under the government buy back scheme and other monies stolen by others through scams such as purchasing of land investment scam and monies stolen by deception £2,000 by someone now deceased. Restoration of my dreams, vision, opportunities and health. God’s blessings, thanks and prosperity and good health to you and your ministry.

  • pamela

    I would like for you to pray for my son tywaun salvation that he will finally accept the Lord as his Lord and Savior. That For his protection, restoration and that he will receive the money that has been stolen from him.his health that the Lord will use him mighty in kingdom. Pray for my restoration , financial to be debt free , restoration in my marriage, ministries, with God, with my family in all areas of my life.also in my health . In Jesus Name Amen

  • Sandra

    Restore, Recover and Reclaim! Thank you father God. I ask today that our Son recover from his lifestyle choice. His name is Rani.All our other children are holding bitterness in their hearts for him and refuse to forgive and Love! Help open all of our eyes to see the things you would like us to . Give the knowledge from you to stand against the enemy in this case> Also, Father, today I am asking for health and specific healing on my multiple illness’s. I am very weak from trying to ween of steroids and in a lot of pain. I take a lot of med’s. and I am very fatigued: Sarcoidosis, Valley Fever, Pulmonary Hypertension, enlarged heart,Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Gastroparesis Pancreatitis. Severe lung damage with a hole in my lung from the Fungus of Valley Fever on 6L Oxygen 24/7. I am not that old and I know God has a devine purpose in all of this.

  • Alicia

    May God bless my family with peace and unity
    May my husband believe and trust God to do what he promised he would do. I lost my job and I’m trusting God to guide me into my next position. My daughter needs healing,Lord she’s been suffering from being sexually abused. We’re a mess all on our own and I’m tired of trying to live independent of God. Bless you and your ministry and thank you for your prayers. Praise God

  • Toni Knox

    Restore everything I lost in the divorce.Save my children,restore finances,marry Deon and go forth in the ministry

  • Kathy

    I thank God for the invitation of prayer for my family…my husband and I have lost our sense of comradiere and love. We are in danger of losing our way in our marriage. Things unsaid, things undone to resolve some long standing issues. I think it is at a breaking point and so I am seeking God’s direction on how to approach my husband to discuss and resolve our issues. I am also at a loss as to whether God wants me to restart a business or go back into the workplace after I was let go from my job last month after 5 – years of hard work.

    I claim now that my husband and I are restored, redirected, and recompensed In The Name of Jesus and thank you for your prayer!

  • An-Ode

    Please pray with, I am at a turning point in my life and trust God to guide me into the next phase of my life.
    I need clarity of vision and purpose with respect to career. My heart yearns for more, to add to quality of people’s lives at a greater and higher level than I currently am – My wife and I need direction with respect to next steps career-wise and finance/investments.
    I ventured into livestock business some years ago and never got anything out. The entire flock was reported lost. Similarly, made payment on different occasions for a parcel of land and some other items that were intended to help improve comfort in my family – these have yet to be delivered. I am also owed different sums of money lent out running into years. I want recovery of these investments/payments.

    Thank you,

  • Michael

    Heavenly Father through the precious name of your son Jesus Christ i thank you and i believe that every single prayer that is bought before your throne of grace shall not come back void but full of your blessings and glory mine included in Jesus name.To you be the glory forever i love you Amen

  • Pamela M. Phillips

    I want to be blessed financially so that I will be a blessing to others. “Blessed to be a Blessing”. I am staying in pray for my son Tarik and his release from prison and that the truth will be revealed. I am staying in prayer for my daughter Hakima and her release from alcohol and drugs and her return to the workforce. I am staying in pray for my daughter, Azima that she will find the right job. I am staying in pray for my daughter, Nadiyah and that she receives that promotion and Managerial position. I want to hold my eight grandchildren and 2 Great grands up for a prayer protection. Finally a prayer for myself that in the coming year that God will allow me to find a mate who loves Jesus Christ.

  • venus

    My husband is addicted to porn. I have been driven from my home. And the anxiety/panic/stress/ has made me fearful of getting a job. Can’t handle any more stress. Living off my daughter.

    My God is a God of truth and without iniquity. I want to live with a man made in God’s image. Man of truth and without iniquity.

  • Naana Ansah

    I am caught in a never ending cycle of debt, borrowing and paying interest. Am very poor and needy and need a supernatural intervention in my life. My mother, husband and father are caught in a web of poverty

  • Lyn

    Recover finances, Don’t know exactly what God wants for me. I am in several
    prayer groups but not contended. I feel so spiritual aloneness. I love Jesus
    and been filled with HS many yrs. Kimie Sneed Japanese salvation
    Jeff Puckett salvation crack head Yvonne Logue christen only hooked on
    weed for years loves Jesus cant get delivered. Ward in error anger confused
    about God…Needs truth and healing emotionally.

  • canara

    Lost direction, sister disappeared, brother and Dad in prison. I have no job, no money. But I have hope in Jesus.

  • David

    elieving that my finances from some pitfalls i encountered towards the latter part of 2014 will be fully restored in addition to getting clear direction & understanding from the Lord on how I will strategically build my career this year. I am also believing in complete restoration in my living & travel means with respect to personal transportation and vehicle. Overall a stronger relationship with Christ and straying from the secular world.

    Lastly I’d like to lift my best friend up that she too finds direction in terms of her career and spiritual development. That confusion or misguidance will no longer be a hindrance to her success.

  • Janet Johns

    My prayer is for God’s devine move of restoration in my finances, overflowing increase abundance and excessto rain over me and my daughters. Unending flow into my bank accounts so that all of my bills are paid on time,in full and with more than enough left over to bank at least ten percent. I pray that I will be restored to the right house( home) where there is a closet that I can talk with God in private. I desire to reclaim lost relationships, friends and the one God has chosen to be my mate for life. I pray that I have been washed and cleaned up by God so that I can be the mate that is needed. I pray to reclaiim the health and mobility of my mother and every family member and around the world that is suffering for any type of illness, disease whether physical or mental. I pray that each and everyone on this site is redeemed from the fowler, the curse of poverty, the curse of drug abuse, the curse of sins from generational curses and homelessness. I pray that in the coming new year that hundreds of thousands of soles will proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior, before it’s to late. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen

  • Kim

    Recovery for lost investments this year & in previous years as well; for lost job opportunities for my husband & myself & clear direction. That the Lord would bless the work of our hands in 2015. For total debt cancelation & financial miracle breakthrough, for we have a myriad of needs. To God be the glory always, and may I walk closer with Him.

  • Hideko

    agree with Pastor Dickow

  • Joan

    i need restoration of me health. I have been deal with an issue in the ankles of both feet especially the left foott since June of 2014 which makes it very difficult to walk or function without sever pain.The doctors have tried everything and now say the surgery is the only option left. Pray for healing in my feet, preferably without surgery, please and thank you.

  • Nicola Clarke

    Thank you for offering your assistance. I am desperately in need of Some spiritual intervention. The devil stole my house, job cash everything. I need them to be restore and return in the mighty name of jesus. Thanks in advance.