Ripping the Roof Off Your Finances

Ripping the Roof Off Your Finances

There is no doubt God is a God of increase. There is absolutely no doubt He wants to increase you. And there’s no doubt He wants to begin doing it today!

Listen, clearly God has shown us that He wants to multiply our giving and our sowing into a miracle harvest. He wants to give us beyond what we can ask or even think. And God is ready to do that in your life!

Now, here are those five reasons…

  1. Because You Are Sowing to Glorify God. – God wants to give us increase…why? Because it gives Him glory! When you experience increase God gets glorified. And if our desire is to give Him glory – which should be the desire of every Christian, you WANT to give God the glory. You WANT your life to glorify God. Then it’s time to experience the increase He has for us because it gives God glory.
  2. Because You Are Giving Into the Preaching of the Gospel. – If you’re sowing into the preaching of the Gospel, then this is another reason God wants you to increase. God wants to be glorified and He wants you to increase so the Gospel can be preached.

    The Bible says in Romans, chapter 10, “How can they hear without a preacher?” And then it goes on to say “How can the preacher preach unless he’s sent?” And how is he sent? He’s sent with money, and financial support from people just like you who give to take care of his needs and equip him to go where he needs to go!
  3. Because You Are Expectant. – Philippians 4:19 says “But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus.” This includes your spiritual, relational, AND financial needs.

    We have to realize this is one of the primary reasons God wants to bring increase into our lives. God WANTS to meet your needs abundantly. He’s our Father, and no father wants His children just barely getting by. However, you must have an expectation that your Heavenly Father is looking to bless you abundantly.
  4. Because YOU Are Giving to Help Others. – God wants you to have plenty left over to give joyfully to others for every good work. Don’t you want be able to help every good work? Well, that’s increase. I don’t think we often realize how staggering the concept of God’s exponential increase is. It’s thirty-fold, sixty-fold, one-hundred fold! God wants you to break free in your mind from the limited increase and think instead about unlimited possibilities, so that you begin to expect above and beyond all you can ask or think.
  5. Because You Are Thankful. – God’s not trying to get something from you. He’s trying to get something to you! God wants you to be thankful for what you have right now. Jesus was given five loaves and two fish, and he didn’t say, “What? This is all you’ve got? This is all you could do?” No! What did He do? He took the five loaves and the two fish, and he lifted them up to God and gave thanks. And what happened when He gave thanks? They multiplied! They multiplied because he was thankful.

    Be thankful today for whatever you have right now and lift it up to God. Because that’s how multiplication happens: through gratitude and through thankfulness.

Give for the sake of the Gospel. Say, “Jesus, this is all I have and I want You to have it because I love you. Because You saved me.”

There is no doubt God is a God of increase. There is absolutely no doubt He wants to increase you. And there’s no doubt He wants to begin doing it today!

Clearly God has shown us that He wants to multiply your giving and your sowing into a miracle harvest. He wants to give you beyond what you can ask or even think about. And God is ready to do that in your life today. It’s very simple.


  • One: Be a sower to glorify God.
  • Two: Give into the preaching of the Gospel.
  • Three: Be expectant.
  • Four: Give to help others.
  • Five: Be thankful.

God is the ultimate provider so it’s time to stop being afraid of your financial condition. My Ripping the Roof Off Your Finances Collection gives you all the tools you need to break through the obstacles that are keeping you from experiencing God’s perfect provision. It will help you discover how to jumpstart the life God has planned for you and receive his blessing today.

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The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

Take back our power through the power of forgiveness. 2 Cor 2:10

When we withhold forgiveness from others Satan gets an advantage in our lives. He comes through the gateway of unforgiveness. Blessing comes through the gateway of forgiveness.

In Matthew 6:12, when Jesus was teaching His disciples what we call “The Lord’s Prayer”, He said, “Forgive us as we forgive others.” He put such emphasis on this idea that two verses later He mentions it again. It was as if He started to walk away but turned around and said, “Listen to what I’m telling you! If you forgive others, your Heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you don’t forgive, you won’t be forgiven.” Think about this – It’s the only part of the prayer He repeated!

Unforgiveness causes you to hold onto hurts, failures, mistakes done by you and what others have done to you, but God hasn’t made you to carry these toxic emotions of unforgiveness. This is why they are such harmful to your walk of faith and peace of mind.

But here’s the key – when somebody has hurt you, don’t curse it, don’t nurse it, and don’t rehearse it. Instead, disperse it and God will reverse it! That means don’t complain about it, don’t think about it over and over and don’t constantly talk about how hurt you are to other people. Instead, disperse it. Give it to God and He will turn the situation around for your good.

How to truly walk in the power of forgiveness:
  1. Truly recognize that forgiveness is a free gift. Freely receive it and freely give it.
  2. Know that forgiveness is a gateway to joy and happiness.
  3. Know that forgiveness is a force that invites God into the situation.
  4. Believing that a good God can turn any bad into good.
  5. Choose to walk in forgiveness. It is not a feeling.

Remember, you’ve been forgiven. Walk in that forgiveness and you’ll be free. Nobody will be able to rob you of that freedom! When you’re hurt or offended, give it to God and let Him deal with it, and He will. That’s what brings the miraculous turnaround that you’ve been looking for in your life; your turnaround financially, your turnaround emotionally, your turnaround spiritually, your turnaround in your relationships and in your health. It all begins with forgiveness. Forgiveness is the gateway to your miracle.

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Pure Grace: Your Struggle is Over

Pure Grace


I’m on a mission to teach you about God’s relentless love and how it can change everything in your life. Romans 2:4 says it’s the love of God and the goodness of God, that leads us to repentance or brings us to change. We don’t have to change ourselves — it’s God’s grace and love that changes us.

Many people think it’s the other way around. They think that if they change, then God will be good to them or God will love them. But God shows you his goodness regardless of our behavior, and that’s what empowers us to change. That’s the real grace of God and that’s what I want to talk about today.

I’ve spent years in the Scriptures to try to really understand what God has to say about grace and God’s love and His amazing gift for us that we can’t earn no matter how hard we try. This is what I’ve found — God’s love is so great for you that nothing you can do can cause Him to pull away or turn His back on you — absolutely nothing!

Paul says in Romans 12:3 “I’m speaking to you out of deep gratitude for all that God has given me and especially as I have responsibility in relation to you.” He says, “Living then as every one of you does in pure grace.”

How do we live in God’s pure grace — His unmerited love and favor — His power, His strength in the midst of our weakness? His mercy, in the midst of our failure? His ability, in the midst of our lack of ability or our disability?

Most of us are worn out as Christians. We can be discouraged by our Christian walk because we haven’t understood pure grace. We’ve understood a mixture of grace and law – a mixture of God’s power versus our power. We’ve tried to do things in our own power rather than realizing God wants to give us all the power we need to live this Christian life that He created us to live. That’s pure grace.

Romans 12:3 says, “It’s important that you do not misinterpret yourselves as people who are bringing this goodness to God, NO! He says “God brings it all to you.”

He goes on to say, “The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what God is and what He does for us not what we are and what we do for Him.”

Now pure grace is to understand who He is and what He has done for us. Pure grace will always bring strength, comfort, and encouragement. It’ll always bring rest. It’ll always bring favor. It’ll always bring ability. It’ll always bring answers because the Christian life is not built upon the promises that we make to God. As the Scripture says, the Christian life is built upon the promises that God makes to us.

Christianity is an encounter with a force so great that it heals you everywhere you’re hurting. It fills you everywhere you’re empty; changes you everywhere you’re broken; restores you everywhere you’re sick. My God, His love, His mercy, His goodness and His grace will come in and fill your life! And when your life is filled, you have something to give and then you have something to tell someone.

Why do we think we have to earn it, deserve it; be so holy and godly before God will hear me?

God hears the cry of the weak. He hears the cry of the suffering. He hears the cry of the hurting. He hears the cry of the humble: “God, I messed up; I’m depressed. I can hardly get out of bed. I could hardly smile. I can hardly do anything for anyone including myself, God.” And what does God say? “It’s alright, I’ll meet you there. I’ll touch you there. Arise and eat.”

Aren’t you glad that when you run from God, and even when you ignore God’s touch, He touches you again? When you turn from God, He turns to you. When you run away, He runs after you. When you let Him down, He pulls you up. When you fail Him, He will never fail you. I’m so glad God doesn’t give up on me. I’m so glad He’s the God of second chances, aren’t you?

1 Kings 19:7 says “And the angel of Jehovah came again the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat, because the journey is too great for thee.”

During the first touch, Elijah saw his own need and just ate & drank and went back to sleep. But God is telling Elijah this second time, to eat and drink and start moving, because I’ve got a greater journey ahead for you. My purpose for you is greater than anything that you could ever come up with yourself. My vision for your life is even greater. My next chapter for your life is greater than the last chapter. Get ready something amazing is about to happen in your life.

In your lowest moment, God is ready to fulfill His highest dream. We think “we have to be so high; we have to be so holy. We have to be on the top; we have to be on the top of the steps like Rocky.” But God says, at the bottom of the hill, in the valley of your discouragement, there I will touch you. And there I will feed you. There I will make you ready for the greater journey.

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