God Will Provide

God Will Provide


And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches
in glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

God knows you have financial needs. He knows that sometimes it’s hard to pay your bills. He knows it’s hard to sometimes get ahead. He knows what you’re going through and what a challenge it is.

He knows but He always has a plan!

Today, I want to help you better understand God’s word because He really wants to meet your needs. God cares about what you are going through, He cares about what you’re lacking, He cares about what you’re suffering, He cares about what you’re going through physically or emotionally or financially, and I want to talk to you about God being your Provider. The Bible says that GOD WILL PROVIDE and my message today is simply that.

You may be thinking I’m not seeing God providing for me, but I want to show you how to experience God’s provisions for your life.

In Philippians the fourth chapter, I want to show you some things that maybe you haven’t thought of. And maybe some things that will refresh you, and maybe some things that will remind you, and stir up your faith for what God wants to do in your life, because we live in a very self-sufficient world.

I think we’ll always be frustrated in our lives when we try to provide everything we need for ourselves. But, we’ll see real peace, and real joy, and real freedom when we learn to trust God as our provider. We often will use Philippians 4:19 to serve for our financial needs. But God doesn’t limit this passage of scripture to just financial needs because many times our needs go beyond what money can do for us.

I want to really break this verse down, so we can understand how God is going to meet our needs. It might be a financial need right now or it could be a need in your family, whatever the need God is going to meet it!

And my God WILL supply ALL your needs according to HIS RICHES in glory in Christ Jesus.Philippians 4:19

1) It is God’s WILL to supply your needs!
  • The Bible here tells us very clearly it is His will to supply your needs, it is His WILLGod WILL Provide – I want you to embrace it. Whatever God’s will is, it’s going to come to pass, it is God’s will to meet your needs.
2) God will supply ALL your needs!
  • All means ALL. He will supply ALL your needs but not all your greed. That does not mean you can be wasteful. You may need to be a better steward of what you have. He will supply not just enough for you to live on but enough for others too when you are faithful.
3) God will supply according to HIS RICHES!
  • He doesn’t meet your needs based on your goodness, holiness, perfection, godliness, but according to HIS RICHES. He is so holy that He will keep His promise.

So, there are a couple things that we need to do in order to access God’s provisions. First is identify what your need is. What is my need? I need a job that takes care of my family. I need a soul mate. I need a husband. I need a wife. I need a spouse. I need to be a kinder person. I need to be a better parent. Identify the specific need.

Then number two, ask your heavenly Father for that thing, whatever it is, ask Him for it. Mathew 6:32 says, “God knows what you need before you ask.” And He said in Mathew 7:7, “Ask and it shall be given…” So, go ahead and ask. Then thank Him for it. I receive it in Jesus’ name. Be thankful. You see, gratitude is the greatest form of faith. Faith doesn’t say, Lord, can you? Lord, will you? Faith says Lord thank You. When you ask God for something, Mark 11:24 says, “All things for which you pray and ask, believe you have received them”.

It’s real important. He doesn’t say –believe you will receive them. He says believe you have received them. Believe that you’ve received them, right now! And then you will have them. You say–how can I believe that I received them, when I don’t even see them! Because that’s what faith does! Faith believes it has received. Then be a good steward of what you currently have. This is how God supplies our needs. Take care of God’s needs and He’ll take care of yours. You reap what you sow. My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches and glory by Christ Jesus. This is the heart of the Gospel. This is the heart of spreading the Gospel–that as we take care of God’s Kingdom and God’s needs, He will take care of our needs.

But, what does God need?
  • Souls to be saved.
  • His message to get out to the world.
  • The Gospel to spread.
  • His churches to grow.
  • His Kingdom to advance.
  • The message of salvation to be preached.
  • His Love to cover the earth.
  • His grace to be abounding.
  • His glory and the message of His cross to spread the world like wildfire.
  • Broken people to be healed.
  • Sick people to recover.

Let’s give into God’s needs and watch Him give back into ours.


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Healing the Father Fracture

Healing the Father Fracture


Do You Know Anyone Who is Suffering from the Father Fracture?

Anger and resentment toward others… Depression… Fear… Worry about measuring up… Lack of purpose… Broken homes… Homelessness… Unwed pregnancies… Rising prison populations… Our whole society is surrounded by the effects of a fatherless generation. It may even be affecting you! I want to help you do something about it.

Every problem in life is a result
of the Father Fracture!

Every weakness, every shortcoming, every personality flaw, and every emotional conflict – stems from something inside us that is broken. I call it the FATHER FRACTURE. TRUE SATISFACTION in life comes only one way – BY HEALING THE FATHER FRACTURE. I want to give you three simple steps to begin that process.

1) Forgive the father who failed you. Matthew 6:14 tells us, “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” Even if your father is gone, by forgiving him you will get resentment out of your life. Bury the past and look to God as your only source. Forgiving others is the key to being forgiven.

2) Acknowledge God as your Heavenly Father. Matthew 23:9 makes this relationship clear: “Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.” The Heavenly Father can heal and restore whatever has been broken in your life. He will provide all you need to fulfill your destiny.

3) Know your Heavenly Father will never fail you. Zephaniah 3:5 reads, “The Lord is righteous in her midst. He will do no unrighteousness. Every morning He brings His justice to light; He never fails.” God is the one constant in our lives. He is our center, our rock, our provider, our shield, our defender, and our righteousness.

We have a fracture in our hearts, it’s called the father fracture and it needs to be healed. IT NEEDS TO BE HEALED. If it doesn’t get healed, we’re going to continue to have broken homes, broken lives, and broken futures. There is a formula that will bring the greatest success, it is:

A father has to give these two ingredients to his children:
  1. A sense of security – where they know the love of God and know the love of their parents.
  2. A sense of identity – to where they know their special, to where they know they’re something, to where they know they have gifts and callings and abilities and unique talents inside of them.

We must realize beauty emerges when security and identity exist. Potential emerges when security and identity exist. Destinies are fulfilled when security and identity exist. Dreams come true when security and identity is the environment in which a child grows. For most of us, that’s not the environment, that’s not the soil we grew up in. We as parents know that is not the environment our children are growing up in.

We, as fathers know, that we have fallen short. But, what we have to do is we have to be a bridge and we have to be the bridge upon which our children, and this next generation crosses through the example, through the love, through the connection we make – when we connect them to God. We bridge them to God as father. The reason why God wants us to be good fathers is because He wants us to reflect the fatherhood and the nature of God to our children so that as they grow they begin to place their dependence on God as their father – as adults they still see God as their father who will meet their needs and supply their needs because as children their earthly father supplied their needs, therefore as adults, they trust their heavenly father to supply their needs.

As children, their earthy father loved, embraced them, showed them affection and correction and gave them direction and because of that happened when they were children then when they became older and when their adults they trust God to give them affection, they trust God to give them correction, they trust God to take them in the right direction. Do you see, we are training them to trust God as their Father.

I am committed to Healing the Father Fracture.


Our outreach here at home is to mentor, serve, and introduce people to their HEAVENLY FATHER to actively HEAL OUR NATION’S FATHER FRACTURE.


I want to help you heal your Father Fracture today! For your generous gift of any amount or more, to help me reach out and help others to overcome their Father Fractures, I’ll send you my powerful 2-CD series called Healing the Father Fracture. In the meantime, watch my video on the topic or…

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Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace

Today, I want to deal with what our minds are focused on. If our mind is fixed on the things of God, then we are going to have perfect peace. But if our mind is fixed on what the world wants you to think about, then you’re going to experience a life of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, sickness, pain, misfortune, trouble, depression, anxiety and all the things that are associated with it.

Worry and anxiety are at an all-time high in our world.They say that two thirds of medications are bought to deal with anxiety, worry and fear. Unfortunately, we are trying to medicate our anxiety and our worry. It’s not medication that is going to deliver us from panic, worry and anxiety; but meditation on the word of God. I’m not saying that you should throw away all of your medication. What I’m saying is as you take God’s prescription for anxiety, as you take God’s prescription for worry, as you take God’s prescription for fear, you will become less and less dependent upon this world’s prescriptions.

No person on earth can give you peace except God. People can give you land, people can give you inheritance, people can give you money, people can give you jobs, but none of it will give you peace, but Jesus will.

We want to walk in this undeniable, immovable, indestructible peace of God called Shalom. The peace that means complete, whole, prosperous, healthy, and happy. The peace of God makes you happy. If you need prosperity in your life, it’s not because you need more money or you need more this or you need more that. When you have God’s peace money comes. When you have God’s peace health comes. I’m talking about real divine peace that surpasses all comprehension.

We are facing unprecedented times, but we serve a mighty and BIG God. Despite what may be going on in this world, God is able to get you through it! Isaiah 26:3 says, ”You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You; because he trusts in You.” Now, I may not know what you’re exactly facing right now, but I DO KNOW that you can face it with peace. In fact, you can face it with PERFECT peace – whole, happy, and healthy! You can walk in complete and undisturbed peace!

God wants you to walk in perfect peace! And you do that by fixing your mind on His love, His promises, His faithfulness, the blood sacrifice of Jesus and the fullness of God that supplies all you could ever want or need. He wants you in perfect peace, AND IT IS GUARANTEED when your mind IS STAYED on Him!

Remember when the storm was raging on the Sea of Galilee and Jesus was asleep in the boat. He was at peace because He had said “We’re going over to the other side.” That was His Word and He believed it. But the disciples were freaking out! They were fearful. They thought they were going to die. They woke Jesus up and said “Don’t you care that we’re about to perish?” Well, in reality Jesus didn’t care, because He was resting in the promise of God. He knew He couldn’t go under because He was going over! And since the disciples were with Him, they needed to realize they were going over too! So if you’re with Jesus, it doesn’t matter what storms you’re facing. Jesus didn’t care about the storm, and neither should you!

To help you set your mind on God and His Word, I want to bless you with a teaching bundle called Power to Calm the Storm, so you will be able to find your perfect peace.

No matter what is happening in this world, you can walk in complete and undisturbed peace! Just keep your mind stayed on Him!






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